A gateway for serving decentralized websites from .pool domains.


How to Host a Website

  1. Get a .pool domain.
  2. Add your static website to the IPFS network. (full IPFS tutorial)
  3. Add a "content" field to your domain with the value set to the IPFS URI of your website. It should look similar to the following:
    content -> ipfs://QmTRcjoPELhuJrZ9TG9WHFYuqtDybQ6tsJUhbwXXSpK89z
  4. View your decentralized website at <your-name>.pool.limo!

How to Redirect to a Website

  1. Get a .pool domain.
  2. Set the "url" field of your domain to the URL that you would like it to redirect to.
  3. Go to <your-name>.pool.limo and it will redirect to the specified URL.

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How it Works

pool.limo is a completely client-side gateway. This means that when you request a site (ex. name.pool.limo), pool.limo serves your browser a micro-app that resolves the page content and caches it locally.

The entire process runs in your browser, which increases censorship resistance and provides the user with a privacy-respecting browsing experience.

The following is a flow chart of how the client app works:

The Code

View the source code on GitHub.